Nitro Circus Live


Next Tuesday night Feb 2nd 2016 Travis Pastrana and the whole Nitro Circus Live crew perform the 1st of 4 UK stops on their European tour. I have had the real honour,privilege and pleasure to be allowed to interview and photograph them on their last 2 tours of the UK. So my blog for today is to try and tell you about them and what it is like to photograph the best Action Sports Athletes on the planet.

So for those of you who do not know what Nitro Circus is all about here is a very condensed history.Back in 2003 in a small garage in Utah USA Jeremy Rawle, Gregg Godfrey and sporting super star Travis Pastrana started producing DVDs of their insane stunts. Travis and his friends did some insane death defying,spectacular stunts. The Dvds sold like hot cakes all over the world, and in 2009 Nitro Circus teamed up with MTV to make a TV series (which was one of the most successful series of all time ) And so the Legend was born.

_MG_2746-2 (2014_07_18 20_54_39 UTC)

And then in 2010 Australian Action sports veteran Mike Porra got together with Nitro Circus to put the show on as a live event And from then on the Nitro Circus Live Tour has been touring the planet putting on the biggest and best action sports show the world has ever seen. Breaking attendance records all the cross the world.

So why do people flock to see these athletes? That is easy to answer and also has many answers. How many shows have you been to in your lifetime where a World Record was broken? On a Nitro tour not one but many new world records are made and broken. What other shows have the calibre of athletes that Nitro Circus has? For instance Clinton Moore Redbull XFighter World Champion 2015, Josh Sheehan Redbull XFighter 2014, Maikel Melero Night Of Jumps World Champion 2015 Cam Sinclair and FMX Legend Blake “Bilko” Williams I could go on and on. And of course I have not even mentioned Travis himself in that. Where else would you see a double MX backflip? Josh Sheehan does one every show. Where else will you see FMX BMX MTB all flying through the air at the same time?

_MG_2488 (2014_07_18 20_54_39 UTC)

And then for entertainment you have a host of mad contraptions hurtling down the Giganta Ramp. Such as Barbie cars,Big Wheels, A rocking Horse (I kid you not ) and an arm chair.


Nitro Girl Jolene Van Vugt in her Barbie Car


Nitro Circus Legend “Crum” Taking it easy in his armchair.

And I havn’t even got round to mentioning the light show and pyrotechnics



So by now you have an idea about the show, so what is it like to be a photographer at these events? There are so many world class athletes doing the most amazing things so it’s a target rich environment. But when they run the “Nitro Bomb” and the “Trains” there are so many people in the air at the same time pulling world class stunts you can be over whelmed at where to point your lens. And then of course trying to shoot sports in a dark environment can be really challenging and just when you think you have the settings the pyro’s go off under the athletes and blow your settings. I think the best description i ever heard of what its like to shoot is ” It’s like trying to shoot a rabbit in a disco” Having said that the plus side is you get to meet and shoot your heroes and you have so many amazing things to shoot that you cannot fail to go home with some images you will treasure for life.


I hope you have enjoyed the blog this time? Please leave me a like and comment and let me know. If you would like to use any of my images please contact me. And if your in the UK and you have been inspired by the Nitro Circus Show if your quick you may still get a ticket for Manchester Glasgow or London Here Nitro Circus Tickets






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