Culling your Library


Pic: Luc Ackermann Red Bull XFighter and FMX Star

HI ! Well today I thought we would have a break from the aircraft and talk a little about photography. ( I will continue with the Mach Loop Shortly )

What I wanted to address this time was the amount of files we store. A few years ago we were limited to 12 24 or 36 images per film which we had to develop ( Or get developed ) and prints. Even having your own darkroom there were costs such as chemicals and paper.  But now we press the button and our images are stored on our phones , PCs and cards. They are reasonably cheap so once full we buy a new one. We are taking more images per head than at any other time. But we are creating a problem unless we are very meticulous in which images we keep and how we keep them. For instance a lot of camera software makes a file with the date and stores the images in that file. Now unless we are talking a special date such as Birthday, Christmas Your images are going to be hard to find. Who remembers what they were doing 18th May 2013?


18 May 2013 Arran Powley Bolddog FMX Builth Wells

So that is your first problem. How your files are labelled. But lets say you have a super memory and you can remember the shot your looking for was taken on X Date.  You still have to sift through all the images taken on that day to find the one your after. There are solutions to help you with this that I will go into after but here is the thing I wanted you to think about first. You import your images onto your PC. Now cull them Go through them and pick your shots don’t bother with the reject button the ones that havn’t been picked know they havn’t been picked no need to rub salt in the wound. Now put those shots you have picked into a new folder and give it a name and date. Now personally I would bin the rest but if you really don’t want to you could put them inside a new folder and give same name and date and call it others or whatever. This way when you want to show what a lovely day out you had you can go to the picks folder and show your best images. Everyone will think you a better photographer and they will also be great-full they didn’t have to sit an eternity  whilst you went through your 800 images. Also whilst I am on about culling your images what I want you to also think about is lets say you go for a day out at a racing track. The cars/ bikes are coming by fast so you hit your multishot button so hopefully as you motor drive you will get a great shot. Now lets think about this for a moment  Lets say Race 1 has 20 cars and lets say your camera shoots at 5 frames per second and you take 1 second on each car per lap and its a ten lap race. That means you have 50 images of each and every car that is 1000 images per Race Lets say there are 8 races that day you have 8000 images?? How many images do you need of one car? Now cut down that 50 of each you have to 2 or 3 of each car, those images are going to rock! Also you now only have 60 images tops per race So you have culled 8000 down to 480 Same applies to Mach Loop,Airshows etc etc.


Now to help you find those images there is one other powerful tool that nearly all Photo editing software has. And That is Keywords. If you add keywords to your images Then it makes finding images a lot easier. Key word them with what it is. For instance if I had a shot of my daughter Sophie I would Keyword it Family, Sophie Birthday/Christmas and maybe place. Now this gives you a great way of finding shots. If you hit filter keyword Family I get all shots I have taken of my Family If I choose Family and Christmas I get all shots taken of my family at Christmas Etc etc I hope this blog is helpful to someone? Please leave me a like or a comment if it is any use or let me know if there is something you would like me to blog about. Thanks for reading, Allan


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