The Magnificent Mach Loop Part 2


After telling you how I got hooked.I suppose the next step should be to give you some facts and figures etc


The Mach Loop is just outside Dolgellau in Wales. There are a few spots you can view and photograph the jets.

Essential Kit.

Please remember the weather on the mountains can change in minutes so you need to be prepared. I would advise Strong shoes/walking boots. WaterProofs. Warm Clothes and extra layers. ( You will be suprised how quickly you can get very cold standing around waiting ) Warm Hat, Gloves. In the summer Suntan Lotion and anti bite cream. Flask or a way of heating warm drinks such a a jet heater. Food and Snacks. Non essential but handy is a Radio Scanner so you can hear what is about.

Camera equipment

Basically its what kit you have but it is advisable to have at least a 300mm lens

Cad East

Follow the road down the Tal Y Llyn Valley The cliff face you can see on the left as you drive down the road is Cad East. Just before you get to the tight part of the valley you will see a farm track on your left. There are 2 gates on the track please make sure you close them. Parking is limited at the to so if you want to go here make sure you arrive early otherwise its a long walk up from the Cad West Carpark. Once parked up Cad East ( IMHO ) is the easiest of the spots to view from as it is a short walk from the car. The aircraft come up the valley from right to left. From the top you can see Access points from Bala, Bwlch  and Dolgellau. The shots you will get are head ons and Belly shots (Depending on the length of your lens.



The People you can see behind the Tornado or on Cad West

Mach Loop -23-Edit

IMG_0015IMGL0139Mach Loop -63

All shots today apart from the Hawk at the top of the page were taken from Cad East.

I Hope this has been helpful? And Next Week we will do another 2 locations. Any questions or anything I can help with just comment and I will help if I can.


One thought on “The Magnificent Mach Loop Part 2

  1. Can’t emphasise the mountain weather enough. You can be in shorts and T-shirt on the coast, but will need many layers in the hills. Check the Snowdonia Mountain Forecast, not the general weather forecast. 17C in the valleys can be 10 C on the hills, add a 25mph wind chill factor and it will feel like 4C. Also, be careful about lying on the grass without a groundsheet – sheep ticks are prevalent. Get a removal tool (O’Tom) just in case.


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