2016 ?

IMG_0300 (2014_07_18 20_54_39 UTC)

New Year New starts?

Well this blog is a new start for me. I suppose before I start waffling on I should say a little about me?

I am a Pro Sports/Events photographer and love the mixture of events I shoot. One weekend I could be shooting Nitro Circus the next White Water Rafting or I could be shooting an event like GlassButter Beach or the Llangollen International Eisteddfod. I love all aspects of photography and try every day to improve my knowledge,style and expertise.

The reason behind me starting blogging is ( hopefully ) to share my world with you, to meet and chat to others with my passion ( Or is it an addiction? ) And to share my experiences with all.

So how come the large Aircraft at the top? Well that is my day off, my fishing my down time. I head for the Magnificent Mach Loop in Mid Wales and sit on top of a mountain hoping and praying for something large grey and noisy to come hurtling through the mountain valleys with its arse on fire <g>

And just to announce the elephant in the room, if any of you recognise the name, yes I am the photographer who took Next to court.

Thanks for reading this lots more to come so please follow me and comment and share. If you cannot wait until next time ( Yeh as if eh? ) My website is http://www.eaglesnestphotography.co.uk  on Facebook its https://www.facebook.com/EaglesnestPhotography/ on Twitter  https://twitter.com/eaglesnestphoto  or @eaglesnestphoto


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